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About us

The Cult is a multi-award-winning PR agency created by a team of former national newspaper and magazine journalists. 

We benefit from a special kind of knowledge that precious few agencies can boast - first-hand experience of life in a bustling newsroom. Whether it’s men’s magazines, women’s magazines, tabloids or broadsheets, members of The Cult have the bylines to prove we know what makes them tick. 

Unlike many other PR agencies, we pride ourselves on representing a wide variety of brands, personalities and charities because we believe that good PR shouldn’t be restricted; strong ideas and a solid network of contacts can make anyone or anything sparkle in the press. 

And our varied roster complement each other, opening new opportunities and bolstering each other’s press appeal.

Four PR awards in the agency’s first three years show that what we do not only works for our clients, but also grabs the attention of those inside and outside the industry. 

And, more importantly, we have fun doing it - and we believe it shows in the creative and imaginative campaigns we create each day.



Matt Glass’ first foray into the media world came at the University of Sheffield, where he realised he could get into gigs for free if he wrote about them for magazines. It was a life-changing moment as it freed up valuable money for Pot Noodles, so he immediately began working for local magazines and the university’s student newspaper, The Steel Press.  
Having established this was a career path with plenty of scope for perks, Matt finished his degree and moved to the bright lights of London, where he became a writer for The People newspaper.
Working across the news and features desks, Matt achieved hundreds of bylines in a two-year stint at the paper, before leaving to become a freelance journalist - a job which taught him everything he knows about having to wait for months and months before people pay you. It was often during these times that Matt rediscovered his love for Pot Noodles, though usually out of necessity rather than choice. 
Whilst plying his trade as a lone-ranger, Matt worked for a huge range of publications. He inexplicably became ‘the token boy’ at various women’s magazines, including Closer, more!, Best, Love It and First, before making the obvious career progression by jumping from these titles to Nuts magazine, where he reasserted his manliness with great aplomb. 
While at Nuts, Matt’s journalism skills really flourished and he embarked on some of the hardest-hitting work of his career: He woke up the Australian cricket team as part of a ten-strong brass band; tested the world’s most advanced football boots by kicking melons with them; and once got stuck in the backwaters of America playing a computer game for over a week.
He also claims to have invented at least twenty-three new words for breasts, three of which he believes are still in circulation today. 
The newspapers beckoned once more, and Matt began writing for the Daily Star - work that slowly increased until Matt began regular shifts there, first on the features desk and later as a showbiz reporter, where he met ‘Goss Girl’ writer Charli Morgan. 
While there, Matt broke many exclusive news and showbiz stories and built up a near encyclopedic knowledge of former Big Brother contestants - a skill he has worked hard to relinquish ever since. 
But in a strange twist of fate, Matt will perhaps always be remembered as the man who had to dress as Pete Doherty’s drug-addicted cat and spend a day in Camden with photographer in tow, snorting lines of powdered milk and chasing models into the Select Modeling Agency. 
While at the Star, Matt met and spent many hours working with Charli Morgan, and the two began to dream up ways in which they could conquer the world. They quickly reached a mutual decision that their unbeatable contacts within the media industry and their creative approach to press campaigns would be a far better route to the top than any form of animal/brass band/watermelon kicking sideshow, so they launched The Cult PR.

Charli Morgan worked as a journalist and columnist at a veritable pick 'n' mix of publications, before emancipating Matt from his dented watermelons and crack cat costumes to co-found The Cult PR with him.
After valuable experience as official nipple-counter and penner of fruity interviews at gentlemen's magazine Ice, Charli fully unleashed her quill at Bizarre Magazine, covering everything from weddings between midgets and giants to people who live their lives as Manga characters.
She also enjoyed a bijou stint at The Sunday Telegraph Magazine and foisted herself upon The Sunday Times Magazine, as well as joining World Entertainment News Network (WENN) as Entertainment Editor.
Perhaps her most memorable totter down Fleet Street was on her own showbiz column, The Goss at the Daily Star, which she worked on for more than four years, covering all major showbiz events each year from the Oscars, BRIT Awards, BAFTAs, Cannes Film Festival, each music festival under the mud and everything in between, in an endless cycle of miniature food, air kissers and diligently Shake 'n' Vacced red carpets.
During her time at the paper, she cultivated a blancmange-like beehive and regularly contributed to other publications under the Express Newspapers umbrella, including the Daily Express and OK! Magazine and was the launch presenter of OK! TV, reporting all of the backstage juice and interviewing celebrities on camera at the spiciest events.
She still climbs inside the telly box to give her views about curious news stories, on shows like 100 Best Trousers of 2012 and news reviews.
But she is chuffed to the very core to be spending the rest of her time sprinkling PR magic over her delicious clients, to make sure Christendom is keenly aware of what massive wows they all are.