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Multiple-award-winning designer Barjis Chohan has taken the fashion world by storm with her unique, eponymous Muslim label, Barjis.

Barjis launched to critical acclaim at Dubai Fashion Week and fills a massive gap in the market catering to young, urban Muslim women in Britain, who appreciate modern, colourful and high-end fashion.

Subsequently, Barjis was born - practical, high-quality, modest and fashionable day and evening wear for the busy, modern woman.

Chohan earned her fashion stripes working for Vivienne Westwood and a top, French fashion house in Monte Carlo, designing haute couture evening wear. And since the launch of her own label, Chohan has been awarded Entrepreneur of the Year and Most Internationally Aware Entrepreneur by Shell Livewire; Designer in International Trade by the Financial Mail on Sunday and first runner-up in the Female Owned Business category by UK, Trade and Investment.

Barjis is riding the crest of the Muslim fashion wave, which is going global and bleeding into western culture for the first time in history.

Bloomberg has estimated that the global Muslim fashion market is worth $96 billion; Milan Fashion Week, for the first time, has invited Malaysia’s Islamic Fashion Festival to showcase its designers; Dubai Fashion Week has combined tradition with modernity by including the abaya in their pieces and even Harrods has started to stock abayas.

As a result, Barjis has also found a market of non-Muslim fans, such as Indian, Turkish, Egyptian Middle Eastern and English women, who appreciate her elegant styles with an emphasis on textures, prints and three dimensional textiles.

And Chohan has quickly become the new voice and face of this fascinating and important movement, with her label leading the way.

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