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Award-winning fashion designer and artist Brian Chan wowed the capital with his London Fashion Week debut this year, unveiling his wearable art at the Superstar Magazine Fashion Casino and Fashion's Finest shows.

And the year is set to get even more colourful and stylish, because Chan is embarking on a slew of exciting projects and collections, including a show at The Cult's other client, Brighton Fashion Week's Zeitgeist event on 13 June.

Chan's casual wear, formal wear and avant garde pieces are an explosion of colour which fuse fine art with high fashion and pay homage to his raft of academic qualifications in Fine Art, Public Art, Painting and Printmaking.

Amazingly, he has no formal training in fashion or textiles, but worked alongside celebrated Chinese Abstract painter and Martial Artist, Master Hock-Aun Teh in Glasgow and had private lessons from legendary artist Jun Rui Wang in Beijing, which inspired him to challenge sartorial and artistic conventions to create clothes inspired by sculpture, often using paper collage.

As endless art and fashion critics have already said, his rapid ascension through the fashion ranks proves he has future as big and bold as his work. And we're thrilled to be a part of that.

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