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Nightclub Titans Nick House, Ryan Bish and Tom Berg have joined forces to create DRAMA - a kaleidoscopic explosion of colour, art, fashion and outrageous entertainment on Park Lane.

The powerhouses have dominated nightlife scenes across the globe, thanks to trailblazing, A-list and multi-award-winning clubs like Bish and Berg’s wild and decadent Cirque Le Soir and House’s pioneering Mahiki, Steam & Rye and Whisky Mist.

They have now united to create the ultimate party mecca, which will bring the fierce and flamboyant spirit of Studio 54 back to life in a chaotic utopia of hedonism, pink poodles and neon fantasies.

Every detail of their hallucinatory vision has been tailored for maximum drama, from the glowing neon supermarket trolleys and shopping baskets in their electrifying champagne rituals, to the scratch and sniff wallpaper, a wall made from golden Maneki-Neko CATS and giant Mae West lips photo carriage that guests can climb inside.

Towering above the DJ booth is a spectacular platform, which will fizz with weird and wonderful performers for a visual orgy to shock, thrill and bewilder.

This will be complemented by a rotation of extraordinary art installations by some of the world’s most exciting artists, dripping from the walls and erupting from the floors.

At Drama, everything is a work of art, including the handpicked and peerless staff, who will flash like lightning bolts through the colourful chaos, with LED-festooned, high-fashion fetishwear and PVC bow ties.

Guests must also be colourful both in spirit and person to “become the Drama,” which is why the team has spent the past year cherry-picking a list of 500 founding members, who embody the vibrant attitude and self expression of this groundbreaking club.

This secret list will never be published and is made up of painstakingly researched movers and shakers, nominated by key ambassadors.

House explains: “There is no elitism on the Drama 500 list - they range from drag queens to drag car racers.”

VIPs will enjoy the unashamedly rich and wild Gold Room, a shimmering cathedral to extravagance, sponsored by Ace of Clubs and separated from the madness by a suitably theatrical curtain, ready for guests to take to the stage and join the Drama.

Drama launches on 3 September and will open every Thursday to Sunday from 10.30pm until 3am.

A firework of glitter, tantrums and tiaras will fill the club on Wednesdays, for Drama Queen; a unique drag and gay clubbing experience led by the capital’s wildest queen, Jodie Harsh.

Thursdays will see the fashion elite and media’s brashest, daring and most exciting personalities join the madness.

Ibiza’s finest, off-season parties and DJs will bring the drama of the Balearic Islands to the club for a night of adrenaline-fuelled House every Friday. 

Saturdays will buzz and froth with eclectic tunes and entertainment which will leave eyes bulging and jaws scraping the floor until the following weekend.

Renowned Hip Hop teams together for a Sunday service where guests will worship at the altar of rap and electronics.

Expect the loud, expect the obnoxious, expect the unpredictable... expect Drama. 

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Nov 22, 2012
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