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Dumpster Design has earned plaudits from the fashion world, for reinventing couture and ready-to-wear design by masterfully creating commissioned, bespoke pieces made entirely from recycled materials.

Fashion bibles including Vogue and Marie Claire have heaped praise on Dumpster Design's handmade, eco-friendly and eye-catching fashion, which saw the label named as The One to Watch at the prestigious International Radical Designer Awards in Monte Carlo.

Since its launch in 2007, the label has amassed collaborations with a slew of the world's biggest brands, including Dior, Benefit Cosmetics, Suzuki, The Royal Navy, Waitrose and Goodwood.

The label earned a standing ovation for their dazzling, headline catwalk show at Brighton Fashion Week's Sustain show this year, showcasing a host of dazzling dresses made out of promotional material from the event's sponsors and illustrating the label's ethos, which is to tackle society's throw-away culture; breathing new life and beauty into materials which were destined for the bin.

Dumpster Design has proved that any material can be beautiful, eye-catching and - crucially - wearable, by creating breathtaking outfits from everything and anything, including old flyers and leaflets, CDs, shopping bags and magazines to a wedding dress made from kitchen roll.

The fashion line has also become a hit with fashionistas wanting to make a statement, by commissioning dresses made from materials which are personal to them - from PR campaigns to prom dresses made from meaningful photos; bridal gowns; bridesmaid dresses; red carpet show-stoppers and Christmas party outfits.

And due to demand, the label has also launched a bespoke service for bridal attire, because no wedding or bridesmaid gown could be more personal than a bespoke design made entirely from symbolic and intimate materials provided by the bride, like fabric from her mother's wedding dress; pictures of the happy couple or music sheets, CDs and cassette tape of their first wedding dance.

Costs are kept down, because the client provides the material and pays only for their bespoke design and creation and because their work is completely innovative, versatile and fast to turn-around, it can be applied to literally any event or occasion.

Dumpster Design also offer studio or location photography of the dress and model/client and a framed image of the piece.

Chief designer, owner and founder Daisy Harris-Burland was inspired to create the business when she was just 16 years old, after creating her first couture piece for herself from household rubbish, because she couldn't afford to spent hundreds of pounds on her school prom dress.

She studied for two years at the Manchester School of Art and left to pursue Dumpster Design as a business .... and she has never looked back, unless it's to find promising trash left behind, to transform into groundbreaking fashion.

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