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The secret behind Earth Kiss's revolutionary and socially conscious face masks, is the precious Himalayan Shilajit, which cleanses and rejuvenates while increasing energy levels and relieving stress.

Today's intensive farming methods deplete the soil of essential nutrients and minerals and the lack of these in our diet, coupled with modern stresses, leads to an imbalance of mind, body and skin.

Earth Kiss has extracted the ancient, natural wonder Shilajit from the high peaks of the spiritual, Tibetan mountains and brought its potent, skin rejuvenating properties to the modern world.

The powerful and rare substance is produced over several million years inside Himalayan peak crevices and contains 85 plant micronutrients to naturally rebalance the skin and body, restoring its beauty.

In Sanskrit, Shilajit means "conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness" and its key components are Hippuric - a natural antiseptic - Salicyllic - a pure anti-inflammatory - and macromolecules called Fulvic Acids, one of nature's most miraculous molecular substances - second to DNA in its importance to life on earth - which improves vitality by supporting cellular metabolism, neutralising free radicals and detoxifying simple toxins.

The face masks complement this natural wonder with ingredients collected from around the world, like creamy White Thai muds from sun-kissed Thai beaches or Million Year Rhassoul Clay from the Atlas Mountains and deep moisturising Baobab oils from African upside-down trees.

Earth Kiss is just as passionate about looking after animals and the planet as it is about caring for the nation's mind and body.

Animal missions include their Save the Seal campaign and Antarctica Appeal and they are proud to be Cruelty Free International and Vegetarian Standard Approved.

They have earned their environmental stripes, from their Eco Factory headquarters, complete with solar panels and carbon footprint-reducing wind turbine, "Windy" and their energy-efficient Green Barn HQ, to their Green Guardians team, who encourage biodiversity in their beautiful grounds, even planting kidney vetch to nurture the rare, Small Blue butterflies.

Earth Kiss by name, and Earth Kiss by (Mother) Nature.

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