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Eleanor Conway's brilliantly debauched show, ‘Comedy Rumble,’ earned five star reviews at last year’s festival and enjoyed a sold-out five-month residency at The Comedy Cafe, laying the foundation for this year’s run to cement Eleanor’s place as the Queen of late night carnage. 


The show uses audience members and special guests to create a raucous comedy bun-fight, with two teams entering a boxing ring to outwit, embarrass or just gather more laughs than their opposition. 


In a series of rounds, contestants will be  given the opportunity to battle for points via unruly, outrageous, and increasingly booze-fueled revelations.

Those who aren’t called into the ring to divulge their deepest and most embarrassing secrets or most hilarious tales, might instead be bestowed with the greatest honour of all - that of the ‘round girls,’ who strut their stuff in a desperate search for bonus points. 


And those who can’t make it to Scotland will also have the opportunity to catch the unique show at London’s Soho House on July 18 and the Comedy Cafe Theatre on May 16.


Expect to hear mind-blowing confessions from members of the public in what has been dubbed ‘Graham Norton meets Russell Brand.’

As Eleanor explains: “It always seems to degenerate into a night of people telling loads of sex stories! A rather conservative guy called Colin admitted that he'd had sex in the fridges of The Ivy Restaurant, Matt from London admitted that he'd had sex on the tube between Hatton Cross and Terminal 4, someone else admitted to having sex in a KFC doorway...”

Festival-goers can also expect to see their weekends descend into even more debauchery, as Eleanor expects to announce a number of summer dates at music events throughout the summer.


★★★★★  'I'm confused and scared, in a good way... it's brilliant' - Cream of the Fringe

★★★★  'Reminiscent of early Graham Norton (albeit sexier)' - The List

'Ludicrous, humorous and alcohol sodden' - Broadway Baby

'Russell Brand-esque' - Funny Women


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