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There is nothing that can't be smoothed, spruced and pimped by the award-winning team of beauty alchemists at Fred & Ginger.

The top, London beauty salon provides a fantastic range of innovative treatments, including Red Light Therapy, which was originally harnessed by NASA and has been used as a successful anti-ageing procedure as well as treatment for wounds, burns, acne, rosacea, eczema, cold sores and even skin cancer.

They are famous for their waxes and also provide tanning, detoxing, toning, inch loss, microdermabrasion, eyebrows and lashes and injectables and fillers.

The salon will launch a range of quirky packages, such as Naked Lunch, where clients can nip out for a 15 minute wax and order their lunch beforehand; or the Tequila Wax, inviting customers to knock back a shot before their waxes; as well as a dedicated "Men's Hour" for their growing number of male clients.

Fred & Ginger launched in Camden last year with the ultimate goal of developing a brand which encourages people to love who they are and has already been presented with a King of Camden award for Best Health and Beauty.

And we're impossibly excited about sharing their comprehensive range of treatments with Blighty and launching their deliciously quirky campaigns.

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