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Bold and subversive new comedy, GOING NATIVE has become an internet sensation ahead of its BBC Three premiere this summer, as part of the channelʼs Comedy Feeds season.

Its creator, Mona Yousefi is already being hailed as “the female Sacha Baron-Cohen” thanks to her near-the-knuckle mockumentary, which follows three foreign women - all masterfully played by Yousefi - unsuccessfully attempting to start new lives in the UK.

* Wakana Fukui is a naive, Japanese YouTube star, brought to Britain by her father and trying - unsuccessfully - to make it as an online pop culture reporter.

* Tallah Khosravian is a Middle Eastern entrepreneur, with no business acumen who came 17th on the Dubai edition of The Apprentice. 

* Natascha Leboushkin is the high-maintenance widow of a Russian, octogenarian millionaire who has come to Britain with step-son Neblov, to find a rich husband. Instead, she finds herself doing community service for unpaid parking fines.

The outlandish characters interact with unsuspecting, real-life people who have no idea they are secretly being filmed for these awkward and sometimes shocking skits.

Produced by Hat Trick Productions - the company behind BAFTA-winning comedies The Revolution Will Be Televised and Fonejacker - Going Native sees a female comic skillfully taking on the great tradition of male, prank character actors like Sacha Baron-Cohen, Kayvan Novak and Marc Wootton.

Law student-turned-comedian, Yousefiʼs past successes include producing and directing her own, original E4 comedy format Mayhem Makers. She moved into live comedy and was a finalist in the 2012 Laughing Horse New Act of the Year Award, debuting her character Tallah so convincingly that one of the judges believed she was a failed, Middle Eastern business woman. Yousefi grabbed the attention of Channel 4 bosses by attaching a DVD of her mockumentary sketches to a helium balloon and then bribed a post boy to ensure it landed on an executiveʼs desk.

And with her leap to national TV screens, Yousefi is being touted as the next big thing in British comedy.


Going Native has been created by Mona Yousefi and commissioned by Zai Bennett, Controller of BBC Three and Sean Hancock, Executive Editor of Entertainment. The show is executive produced by Helen Williams and Kayvan Novak (Fone- and Facejacker) and Sean Hancock for BBC Three. The Series Producer is Mark Talbot for Hat Trick Productions.

BBC iPlayer Link to watch Going Native:

Twitter Accounts for Going Native characters: 

Tallah (Middle-Eastern character) - @TallahBizness 

Wakana (Japanese character) - @WakanaFukui

Natascha (Russian character) - @NataschaUSSR

Going Native official account - @GoingNative_

Additional character pages and sites:

Tallahʼs official website:

Tallahʼs official Facebook fan page:

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