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Scandinavian design brand ISAK creates retro-infused home accessories and decorative gifts, or in their own words: “beautiful, happy things.”

At ISAK’s heart is a modern, Scandinavian ethos characterized by high-quality and long-lasting pieces, which fuse retro and modern design and traditional, folk subjects with warmth, wit and simplicity.

Its trademark characters like Blossom and Bill - a cheeky, naked Viking couple - and Inger and Olle - a frisky pair of naughty Swedes - appear across a host of the brand’s designs and stories and have captured the imagination of their British fans.

ISAK’s designer Sandra Isaksson is the face of the brand, which she founded in 2006 alongside her other design projects, earning her a place in a league table of Top 100 Swedes of 2011.

The products include porcelain crockery, textiles, stationery, wallpaper and prints, and are stocked in 500 shops worldwide, throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and America. They’re also available from a host of e-commerce stores, including the website.

ISAK has also teamed up with the charity Children on the Edge, and profits from the popular Five a Day print help the world’s most marginalised and vulnerable children, who are literally on the edge.

Isaksson said: “Our aim at ISAK is to help make the world a beautiful, happy place in our own little way.

“Scandinavians believe everybody should have beauty in their homes, no matter what their budget.“And Scandi design is a huge part of Britain’s style influences, with customers becoming increasingly quality-conscious and finding comfort in our nostalgic and colourful designs and stories in these miserable times.

“We don’t just want to design a product – we also want to tell a story. At ISAK, the stories are half the product, and people are really embracing this.

“People buy what they love. And if they love what they buy, they look after it and it lasts longer.”

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