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Celebrated Brighton-based designer, Jess Eaton received a standing ovation at her inaugural Brighton Fashion Week show in 2010, after wowing the crowds with her unique take on ‘Trashion’ - transforming daily household waste into dazzling, couture fashion.

In 2011, she returned with a show that pushed the boundaries of recycling to the extreme, launching the first range of her now-famous ‘Roadkill Couture,’ which lovingly gives the remains of ethically-sourced animals - and even humans - a new lease of life, by turning them into stunning jewellery, clothing and glamorous accessories. 

By taking death; the difficult, human condition we all face, and creating something fresh, beautiful and wearable from materials that would otherwise be left to decay, Eaton’s work captured the imagination of the fashion world, and enabled her to open her wonderfully enticing and captivating boutique - EatonNott on Brighton’s Preston Road.

Eaton's work has garnered a huge following, with fans including Kate Moss, who wore it for an iconic Love magazine shoot; legendary Zurich art photographer, Walter Pfeiffer - who photographed her work for Dazed & Confused magazine - and celebrity fans including Kasabian, comedian Katy Brand, singer Toyah Wilcox, Queen drummer Roger Taylor and actor Alan Cummings.

Her work has filled the pages of the national press, Animal Planet is making a documentary about her and Alan Cummings recently interviewed her for his Sky 1 show, City Secrets.

Jess Eaton’s Roadkill Couture II collection pushes the boundaries of Roadkill Couture even further, with include Dior-inspired, Fifties dresses, hats and accessories made from deer, seagulls, geese, ducks and rabbits; Edgy urban jackets, shorts and headpieces using foxes, rabbits, alpacas and horses; dark and futuristic designs in horns, feathers and leather and bridal gowns adorned with feathers, wings, fur and leather. 

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