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LEO'S 24/24

The Cult joined forces with former The Streets star Leo Ihenacho and helped him to break a WORLD RECORD, by playing 24 gigs in 24 hours for The Prince's Trust.

We raced across the capital with the singer - aka Leo the Lion - performing everywhere from prison cells, national radio shows, the London Eye, London Dungeons, rib boats, the rooftop of the IPC Building and office of Zoo magazine to the Royal School of Ballet, culminating in a star-addled "end-of-tour" party.

Ihenacho explained: "I definitely had to do it because The Prince's Trust helped me out when I was starting out in the game. They gave me £5,000 to set up a studio myself. I wanted to give something back, especially for the kids who are coming up now because I know for me at that age, I couldn't really go to a bank for a loan, but it's not just adults that have good ideas.

"The Prince's Trust kind of gave me that avenue to try something and once they got in touch, it was a no brainer for me from then on."

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