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When advertising agency Grey London were tasked with devising a campaign to promote the launch of Honda's new CR-Z car, they decided to make people's dreams come true - literally. And The Cult, alongside our sister agency Persuasion Communications, were on hand to create the print press behind the hugely inspiring project. 

In just six weeks, 986 people from 28 countries submitted their dream road trips to a cast of judges, who selected the 13 most exciting entrants and gave them the keys to a new Honda CR-Z, to star in the social media activated film which was shot in eight different countries across Europe throughout May and made by multi-award-winning director Claudio Von Planta.

Live Every Litre was a crowd-sourced film documentary project created by the community which has formed around the Honda-run website.

Participants submitted journeys, dreams and ideas and the public voted and commented on them.

Live Every Litre film director, Claudio Von Planta, is no stranger to amazing stories stretching across multiple countries, having made globetrotting films his speciality. The multi-award-winning director made the final choices on which of the hopefuls would be included in the final cut. Von Planta has selected a wide range of stories with the pure fun of "The Schoolboys" who made the first recorded crossing of Lake Garda in Italy, by bouncy castle, to the raw emotion of "Bowman" who returned to the site where he landed during D-Day in 1945.

Alongside the 12 one-off participants in the film, who recorded a single journey or experience, there was also one man who featured periodically throughout the trip. Sebastian, an Australian living in Switzerland, who is attempting to complete "100 things to do before you die". His quest is not driven by hedonistic thrill-seeking, but by a desire to create a fitting tribute to his friend who died in a tragic accident. Sebastian has already raised over $5,000 for charity and raised a great deal more through his appearance in Live Every Litre.

Our ambitious film star has already married a stranger in Vegas and broken a Guinness World Record during his quest, and his appearances in the film was no less exciting, seeing him getting his first tattoo in Amsterdam, trying for a hole-in-one in Geneva, kissing stars on the red carpet in Cannes and naked sky-diving.

The Live Every Litre community was also involved in the filming stage of the project, deciding and voting on the details of some of stories in the film. These votes had a real impact on the final outcome of the film.

The road trip and filming element of the project passed through eight countries as each of our stars made their special trips. Every participant drove and were filmed from inside Honda's new sporty hybrid coupe, the CR-Z, as they made the journey of their lives. Throughout the road trip they were followed by Claudio riding a Honda Pan-European ST1300 motorbike to capture all the action.

But that's enough from us... watch the video and see what happened! 

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