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Brazilian designer Mlle. Yoko and her eponymous fashion label have appointed The Cult PR to promote her forthcoming Kaleidoscope Dolls collection of China doll slippers, couture evening wear and handmade jewellery.

The collection consists of slippers, which are highly embellished with candy coloured beads, golden skulls and keys as well as exotic, embroidered dresses and asymmetrical jumpsuits decorated with psychedelic prints of Japanese masks, ribbons and hearts, inspired by the colourful, mirrored patterns created by kaleidoscopes. The agency will also be promoting her chunky, handmade jewellery, which is heavily influenced by the bright colours, textures and theatrics at the New Orleans Mardi Gras.

Yoko will unveil the dramatic collection at The Cult's other client, Brighton Fashion Week's Show Reel event on June 15th, with a dark and theatrical show inspired by Yoko's professional acting career in her native Sao Paulo as part of subversive theatre group The Satyros, which earned critical acclaim by adapting texts by sexual libertine, Marquis de Sade.

The designer has enjoyed huge success with her collaborations with fashion houses around the world, including LA's Girl On Top Clothing - for which she designed high-end leggings and hoodies employing her trademark digital paintings and photo manipulation - and top, French shoemaker Mireille, to make her popular calf and ostrich skin ankle boots from her Instincts collection.

Yoko studied at prestigious, Italian design school, Istituto Europeo di Design and her eclectic, Kaleidoscope Dolls collection draws inspiration from her experiences living and travelling across Brazil, New Zealand, Singapore, the Caribbean, Australia, New York, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

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