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Vagina. Half of us have one, but it wasn't a word you heard or saw much, until we teamed up with Jane Austin's Persuasion to launch Mooncup's groundbreaking Love Your Vagina campaign for creative agency St Luke's (

The sanitary brand's bold campaign urged women to break the final taboo and pay as much attention to their intimate areas as they do their hair and nails.

We stimulated debate and raised awareness of the third alternative in sanitary protection - one that offers health and environmental benefits over tampons and sanitary towels.

St Luke's created unbranded billboard and poster campaigns, which garnered significant media attention, featuring the top nicknames women have for their vaginas, including: vajay-jay, coochie, bajingo, fru-fru and lady garden.

And people logged onto Mooncup's website in their droves, to enter their favourite euphemisms. Even Amy Winehouse got involved, revealing that she called hers a VaJew-Jew.

The eco-press also went crazy for Mooncups, because they are made from medical grade silicone, contain no dyes, bleaches or pesticides and because you only need one, it won't block sewage systems or end up in the sea or landfill sites. 

And in London, ad-bikes (bicycles featuring poster panels) were used in high traffic areas to capture the imagination of women on their daily commutes.

Finally, we have broken the taboo and the V-word has been plastered all over the national and global press, alongside Mooncup.

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Nov 11, 2012