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Nobody at The Cult is nearing retirement age yet, which means that by far our greatest ever footballing memory was THAT World Cup in 1990, when for one unlikely summer, England's football team came together to produce one of the most exciting, nail-biting and ultimately heartwrenching stampede towards the finals against a backdrop of social and civil unrest at home. 

It was a golden era of English football, as Paul Gascoigne, Gary Lineker, John Barnes and their teammates sought to cement their place in history alongside Bobby Moore, the Charlton brothers and Geoff Hurst. But, as is so often the case, the heroics were halted by the Germans and the lottery of a penalty shootout in the semi-finals. 

One Night in Turin is the tale of everything that went on behind the scenes as well as on the pitch in Italy, as the squad made their way to Italy amid a flurry of pressure from the British media. Bobby Robson's job was on the line - a situation not helped by a double whammy of disappointing results in the group stages. Paul Gascoigne's genius was in danger of being overshadowed by his antics off the field, as he snuck off to play football with the locals and drink cocktails with his friends. Even John Barnes' ability was being called into question. 

But despite it all, they returned as national heroes and One Night In Turin is a beautifully observed walk down memory lane that'll have you wondering all over again what would've happened if Gazza's extra-time lunge into the German six yard box had been an inch closer.

Or, of course, what would happen if English players could take penalties. 

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