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The nightlife world is set to be revolutionised by Party Hype, a groundbreaking, interactive social platform, which connects people to the perfect party and each other, transforming friendships and those magical moments that only happen after dark.

This nocturnal companion is made by a team which lives and breathes parties, inspiring their sophisticated app, which takes party-goers on a seamless journey from sunset to sunrise.

First, users create their own party profile and discover nights tailored to their tastes; then check out venues, entertainment and crowds in real-time, to avoid disappointment; join the guestlist; spontaneously share party experiences; meet and chat to like-minded people and even date fellow party people; then save their best memories until the next tear-up.

Sibling entrepreneurs Anna and Andrzej Frankowska spotted a crucial gap in the market for a comprehensive tool, which combines the best aspects of multiple social platforms in one, cohesive virtual space, to solve the problem of finding the right parties and people, ensuring everybody’s in the know.

Former investment banker, party lover and Party Hype CEO Anna explained: “We’re passionate about perfecting every stage of the party experience. Our best memories are made at night, when we lose inhibitions and chat to strangers. It’s when the unexpected comes to life.

“I want everybody to experience this, by taking the going out experience to a whole new level - that of partying. That’s when you live life to its fullest and embrace whoever you want to be. Party Hype will create a worldwide community of fearless, empowered people.

“The wrong party can do the opposite - entering disappointing clubs or discovering undesirable crowds, queues, entertainment or atmospheres. 

“Party Hype provides honest, live and curated videos or photos straight from fellow party-goers, giving you all the information you need about the venue, helping you to get on the guestlist or book tickets, connect with others, have fun with the inbuilt dating function and earn rewards from checking in and sharing the night’s hype or vibe.”

With the backing of an investor who’s a shareholder and member of the Bacardi family - the world’s largest, privately held spirit company - Party Hype is launching in London, the perfect starting point for this rich, partying community, with its melting pot of races, ages, statuses and roots. The team will then look into a global roll-out in the hottest party capitals. Party Hype launches on the latest iOS devices and will be available for Android and other platforms in 2017.

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