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When celebrated designer Paul Daly embarked on a road trip across central America, he knew he was setting out on a journey that would take in the sights and sounds of his youth - the Great Outdoors, the open road and scenes from the films that shaped his childhood.

But he didn’t realise he would return with a vision that would shape his third London site and lead to Rattlesnake; a live music bar and kitchen inspired by the open road, the dive bars of the USA, and the spirit of 1969’s Easy Rider.

Britain has long had close ties with our brothers across the Atlantic, and far from being an American theme bar in England, Rattlesnake will combine the two cultures to create a unique English-American experience as told by an Irishman.

As with all Paul Daly venues, design is at the forefront of Rattlesnake - from the creative use of space to the Paul Daly neon art lights and the focal point of the front bar area - the jukebox.


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