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Redshift Rebels are cap and shoulders above other trucker hats. Why? Because each and every cap is custom-stencilled, hand finished and designed by some of the most exciting UK artists and graphic designers. 

And if that's not special enough for you, the clever people over at Redshift Rebels have made their caps even MORE desirable by slapping comic-style first, second and third edition tags on your headgear, so you know exactly how ahead-of-the-trend you are.

Each colour and design is limited to a batch of 20, so there's no chance you'll stroll into a pub and find the same cap on a fellow drinker - and the unique 'wedge' - the cut out section of the peak - means you'll never mistake a Redshift Rebels product. 

They're so achingly cool, that Scroobius Pip himself has become the face - or rather, head - of the brand. 

And like The Cult bods, Redshift is passionate about the production and promotion of creative arts, whether this be through free entry music events, producing compilation albums and demo CDs, or guerilla advertising campaigns.

Redshift has promoted a series of events at both 93 Feet East, Brick Lane and Pure Groove Records, Farringdon. Each has featured musicians such as Gideon Conn, Peggy Sue, Josh Weller, Kate Tempest, Dan Le Sac, Scroobius Pip, Yila, Analog-Lie Drum and Bass, Polarbear, Dockers MC, Jake Morley, and Benin City.


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