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Sea Shepherd is a massive pain in the bum.

Not to us, or you, but to the people of this world who hunt and kill innocent, defenceless marine life. 

Since 1977, Captain Paul Watson and his crew have tirelessly sailed across the globe, flying their unique version of the Jolly Roger flag and intercvepting whaling fleets, illegal fishermen, communities who slaughter dolphins and many other groups whose aim is to kill the ocean's animals. 

It has gained such notoriety that in 2011 the Japanese government dedicated hundreds of millions of pounds to stopping Sea Shepherd's activities in order to allow their 'research' fleets to harpoon and kill its annual quota of whales in the Southern Ocean. 

Sea Shepherd revels in the notoriety it has achieved, thanks to the cunning and daring attacks masterminded by captain Watson - techniques he calls 'aggressive non-violence.' The charity has never killed or seriously injured another human being in the line of its work, but it has developed ways to scupper 'enemy' vessels and their crew. Throwing stink-bombs onto fishing decks, firing cannons filled with rotting food and scuttling and disabling vessels in their moorings are all tactics used by Sea Shepherd to wrongfoot their enemies. Their work has even seen them declared 'Eco Terrorists' by those who oppose them. 

While its actions have always been controversial, there is no doubt that Sea Shepherd's actions have saved many thousands of marine creatures, while also gaining the support of celebrities including Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore, Brigitte Bardot, Martin Sheen, Pamela Anderson, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bob Barker, Michelle Rodriguez and even the Dalai Lama himself.

You can follow Sea Shepherd's incredible missions on hit TV show 'Whale Wars', and in feature films including 'Sharkwater,' 'Confessions of an Eco Terrorist' and 'At The End of the World'

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