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Cirque le Soir Shanghai Club Launch (London)

Event date: 
Thursday, May 2, 2013
One Marylebone

Dwarves, circus acts and dancers flying high above the crowds might sound like a regular party back at Freddy Mercury’s house in the 70s, but Cirque le Soir is a nightclub that offers all this and more, right here in the centre of London. 


And when they decided to throw a party to launch their new Shanghai club, celebrate their third birthday and see in the summer all in one go, they called on The Cult to help. 


Guests were invited to the lavish surroundings of One Marylebone, where champagne and vodka flowed as the country’s most exciting performers danced, flew and juggled their way through the evening. 


After being welcomed through the doors by circus ringmasters, partygoers were invited to spin a wheel to discover whether they’d be asked to drink a shot of tequila, a jelly shot or an altogether more stomach-churning tipple containing a crunchy insect straight from the jungle. Beer pong lurked to the left, circus food to the right and the freaks crept out of every shadow.


And inside things only took a turn for the more bizarre. Goblin dwarves dressed as tigers were paraded inside cages; burlesque performers breathed fire out across the dancefloor and a pair of freaky overgrown babies danced as Rick Ross took to the stage. 

Over their heads, trapeze artists and silk dancers swooped across the ceiling and all around the room, guests attempted to make sense of what they were watching.

Cirque Le Soir revels in its role as the most bizarre, debauched and exclusive clubnight in London - and The Cult ensured this was witnessed by some of the country’s leading journalists, celebrities and industry bigwigs. 

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