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Event date: 
Saturday, July 2, 2016

Coming straight off the back of the hugely successful Bunny Spa, we knew 7th Heaven’s 30th Birthday Party had to be something extra special. 


So, we found The Roost - a quirky, four-floored building in East London - and set about creating SEVEN HEAVENS for guests to enjoy over three days in London. 


Celebrating the themes, ethos, products and (of course!) the age of 7th Heaven, we began in the basement, where a kitsch 80s Heaven was created where guests could party to the finest 80s music, surrounded by Rubix cubes, Frankie Says Relax balloons, super-sized mobile phones and plenty of fancy dress. 


Next door, we provided a place for partied-out visitors to relax and unwind in Movie Heaven, with warm popcorn, branded beanbags and more 80s films than a Blockbusters warehouse. 


On the ground floor, we brought in another of our clients - London Cabaret Club - to create a mouthwatering list of cocktails inspired by the fruits used in 7th Heaven’s entirely natural range of face masks for our Cocktail Heaven.


On the first floor, guests were transported into the worlds of Willie Wonka and Alice in Wonderland for our two most creative rooms. 


Chocolate Heaven - inspired by our chocolate face mask range - was packed full with huge, branded chocolate bars, sweet carts, a chocolate fountain and the incredible Robin Collective’s inhalable chocolate machine. 


And in the fairy tale themed Herbalist Heaven, guests sat atop mushrooms as they selected ingredients from a flower-covered ‘potion station’, which they then used to create their own, one-off face masks under the supervision of 7th Heaven’s chief herbalist. 


With so much going on downstairs, the top floor provided an unexpected oasis of calm. The Wellness Heaven room offered a programme of classes from laughter yoga to pilates, where experts taught our guests the art of unwinding. 


And next door in Beauty Heaven, we offered the opportunity to try out our huge range of treatments and enjoy a massage from a team of therapists. 


Of course, no birthday party would be complete without a cake, and we commissioned an incredible, life-sized interpretation of the women who adorn the front of 7th Heaven’s sachets all over the world. 


You can watch a video of our Heavenly House Party over on the right hand side of this page. 

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