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We are thrilled to announce that Mayfair’s prestigious JD Malat Gallery appointed The Cult this week.
And what a week it’s been. Our first campaign for them has been to promote celebrated artist, Aspencrow’s hyperrealistic sculpture, immortalising MMA legend Conor McGregor.
The life-sized piece, titled ATLAS, is worth £50,000 and will be gifted to the fighting icon for his 30th birthday. It shows McGregor bursting out of a block of marble and is part of an edition of three unique variations of the piece. The two other sculptures will be sold by JD Malat Gallery, where it will be on view to the public as part of their summer exhibition from 14 July until 30 September.
Our coverage saturated the press, everywhere from the BBCTatler, Evening Standard and Mail Online to The Times, The Sun, Daily Mirror, The Independent, Yahoo! and MSN.
JD Malat Gallery's founder, curator and dealer, Jean-David Malat said of the appointment: "We are so excited to be working with The Cult.
"As a new gallery, we needed a team of strong and dynamic communication experts to help take our business to the next level. We have utmost faith that The Cult are the right people to put our name in the cultural spotlight. We really look forward to collaborating with them on this project.”
JD Malat Gallery was opened by one of the UK's biggest art dealers and curators, Jean-David Malat in Mayfair, the heart of London's art world.
The prestigious, Davies Street gallery specialises in contemporary art, and represents a broad spectrum of artists from international backgrounds and schools.
Occasional secondary market masterpieces are exposed and acquired. And the gallery also offers advisory services and collection creation based on the gallery’s wide-ranging portfolio. The programme consists of an array of exciting artists supported by year-round exhibitions and contemporary art fairs.
The  gallery’s  basement  floor  is  dedicated  to  a  group  exhibition  and  will  feature  the  works  of  established  and  up-and-coming  talents.
These  include  pieces  by  Lithuanian-born  artist  Edgar  Askelovic,  whose hand-crafted  silicone  sculptures  of  singer  Rihanna and MMA icon Conor McGregor  have saturated the press this year; as well as Andy  Moses, a  Californian  artist  who  paints  with  pearlescent  pigments  on concave  canvases. Istanbul-based  sculptor Hande  Şekerciler will also be shown by the gallery - he  usese poxyresinand  acrylic  to  create  pieces  that  play  with  fantasy  and  reality. Also joining JD Malat Gallery's impressive artist roster, is Katrin Fridriks,  an  Icelandic  artist  who has  developed  a  unique  painting  style  in  which  two-dimensional,  abstract  forms  seem  to  leap  from  the  picture  plane  in  bright  flares  and  explosions  of  pigment.  
Award-winning  Japanese  artist, Mio  Yamato will also be exhibiting at the gallery, alongside Brazilian  street  artist  Nina  Pandolfo,  known  for  painting  delicate,  large-eyed  girls; and Erdoğan  Zümrütoğlu, a  Turkish  artist  who  works  between  Istanbul  and  Berlin,  using oils  to  create  a  mix  of  figurative  abstract  works. Masayoshi  Nojo's pieces will also be on sale from the gallery - they  work  with a  range  of  mixed  media,  including  photography. Finally, Santiago  Parra - recognised  for  his  large, abstract,  highly-expressive  black  and  white  paintings - will be available from the Mayfair gallery.
In  addition  to  holding  exhibitions, JD  Malat  Gallery is  set  to  become  an  artistic  hub  with  regular  host  talks,  conferences  and  student  visits,  creating  an inclusive  public  space.

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