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The Cult joins forces with Paul McGowan and War Child!

Critically-acclaimed artist, Paul McGowan has appointed The Cult ahead of his ongoing War Child collaboration and Trigger Finger collection for the charity, which has been three years in the making and will raise money and awareness for the cause.

The Cult will be working closely with McGowan and War Child to publicise the initial launch of the collaboration with three gallery shows of his Trigger Finger exhibition, beginning in October, before the eagerly-awaited work is taken on a world tour. 

This is an exciting comeback for the Tate magazine-winning artist and fashion designer, who last held a show three years ago, when his infamous ‘Bad Ladder’ caused a whole Westminster street to be closed down. He has been artist in residence at Eden Project and collaborated with legendary American guitarist Gary Lucas (Jeff Buckley, Captain Beefheart) was the youngest designer to ever sell a collection to fashion house Browns at the age of 20 and worked with fashion legends including Gianni Versace.

Although McGowan has now vowed to dedicate the rest of his life to War Child, starting with the collection, which he had to start again two years ago, after his entire life's work was stolen in a studio burglary.

The Cult will also be tasked with introducing and explaining the complex subject matter of the work, which is created from horrific pictures of the torture, rape, imprisonment and murder of children in war zones. And their key objective is to cut across art-world snobbery and reach everybody with War Child's message, through artwork ranging from £35 to £20,000.

Matt Glass, Director at The Cult, said: “Paul McGowan’s art is thought-provoking, eye-catching and beautiful and to see the work that goes into creating each piece is incredible. 

“We’ve always been huge fans of War Child and the chance to combine Paul’s incredible art with their brilliant work, was a no-brainer for us. 

"We’re really excited and honoured to be getting involved with helping Paul and War Child's important campaign spread all over the world.” 

Paul added: “It is the best thing I’d ever done so I couldn’t give up on it. 

“It hasn’t been easy to do. The collaboration started with War Child giving me their list of priorities over the coming years - the things they feel are most important to raise awareness of, like child rape, torture and imprisonment.

“I wanted to make the subject matter subtle even though the images are real and hugely disturbing. One of the pieces shows what looks like a woman’s face, but she actually has a little boy’s mouth and a boiled sweet for a tongue. The boy was dead and he was chewing the boiled sweet when he was killed, but the piece itself takes on a cartoony, childlike image.

“They’re all really powerful images, but I’ve tried to keep the finished pieces childish, with raw edges - I was wary of trying to polish things too much because it’s such a rough subject matter.

"And I know The Cult really understands the message and the work, so I'm looking forward to working with them on this."

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Jun 07, 2018